UnderConstruction (using Tags)

Future Design, as planned:

I (Peter-ZA), will be creating another method using Tags, to control this Message,
however this will be slightly more tricky to implement, as it would have to be controlled through the "_template" for every category.
I don't think there would be another way, to do this, as there is no overriding Global Template File.
I am thinking of using the Tags !uc and !ucp or _uc and _ucp for that.
The p at the end indicates that the picture is to be displayed, too.
Alternatively one could use !uc1, !uc2, !uc3 for more options.

Special Functions:

The control of these Tags should be done via the iftags function.
Another easy to use and quick access tool is needed to display files in a list, for setting the specified tag(s) on or OFF.

Another handy Feature would be:

This can be a TagSet, TagReset or TagToggle function, with an addition to do a global change of tags, for mass corrections, too!

Tags (toggle):

- !done

- !need_help

- !dev

- !dev-idea

- !testing

- +!hidden

- _open

- _closed

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