Site Rules

We do not like imposing too many rules, but some have to be in place nevertheless.
- Please do not delete other people's work.
- Read the explanations and descriptions of use, where possible. We all know time is mostly an issue and documentation is not always following the implementation of new code. There is an indicator at the bottom of the screen if such a comment page exists, however, the Talk button is flashing! ;-)

Usage of given code:

Anybody is welcome to use the published code modules.
The usage of the code is as is. Please post questions is something is not clear.

New ideas:

If you have new ideas, please let us know, or try to add some of your own code.

Changing of Code:

Please be careful changing existing CODE and even TAGS, as these have an influence on other linked functions and users using the code in their website.
A simple Renaming could have a serious effect on some tools, here.

Creating Code:

Please always use the functions provided to create new code modules, as certain tags are set automatically in the background and linking the created files to various pages for listing and reference purposed.

Have FUN !

Use and develop new and useful functions!
- Please do not forget to also set the TAGS to identify the available functions quickly.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License