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there is a very helpfull collecrtion of INCLUDES - :)) - we can use for this in on of the standard wikidot sites:
1. on our Community site there is in the left side menu at the upper third the Link to Index of this sites which are very usefull ( on the blog site of wikidot).

In our case here I woul use from the CSI SIte the second list entry - the
HAMMER Navigation ( package 4)
in our case this would be an include statement like
[[include :csi:include:hammer-navigator page=page-by-page-view | category=incl | label=incl_create]]

I had used this navogation on the play-ground on

Helmut: (2013-09-18) ** I have found it!**

You can use the hammer navigator - Scrollbar" like usable with the include:2 ( better 3) from the module site: (Scrollbar code) as I have used it on the calendar-sunday site:
month-mini:_template whichcalls the previous-next (:module:include:3).. and the output of it on a "normal" single page:

Could be this helps?

Helmut ( 2013-09-18)
Typical living example on page
Code-block:5 Simple Table with Striped Rows
and live template:

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